What We Do

If you are concerned that your “crazy idea” won’t be taken seriously, never forget how often the imagination of science fiction writers becomes reality, and where your inspirational ideas can lead.

If you would like us to assist you or work with you on your plans and intentions, this is what to bear in mind:

Ozoneering has a small office in Wells, Somerset, UK. We find face to face meetings invaluable but do also operate with video conference calls. This allows for flexibility, robust security, and quickens the pace of achieving results, saves time, and controls costs.

The skills of our team cover the majority required in agile aerospace and robotic development. This includes understanding the potential social, economic, philosophical, and political issues that will have to be addressed for the future, and especially the likely accelerated restructuring caused by the COVID 19 pandemic.

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Bear in mind that most creative and innovative thought is not “silly or stupid”, so don’t lack the confidence to talk about it. Ideas need to be developed to assess their feasibility, intrinsic value, function, and market viability. If you have confidence and belief in your idea, it’s certainly worth exploring.

If you wish, we will happily work with you under the legalities of a non-disclosure agreement.

Your project may require all our expertise and skills, or just some of them. That is fine with Ozoneering. Do not be afraid to ask.





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