What We Do

The “where, what’s and why fore’s “ of Ozoneering……and your project


Ozoneering has a small office in Wells, Somerset, UK.It operates mostly as a virtual company , with regular conference calls and quarterly face to face meetings with team members and its clients alike. Such modus operandi allows for flexibility, robust security, and quickens the pace of achieving results.


The skills of our team cover all aspects required for an agile aerospace, robotic and cybernetics company. This includes understanding the potential social, philosophical and political issues for the future and impacts that have to be addressed for future generations.


Right now, besides consulting and giving presentations on UAVs robots, artificial intelligence, cybernetics and other emerging technology there are presently two projects under management.

One is in the UAV sector developing intelligent payloads for multicopters using visual communication in disaster areas as well as a new concept for dronevertising. The other is a novel rapid airborne food delivery system in support of global humanitarian aid requirements.


Your project may require all of our expertise and skills, or just some of them. That’s fine with Ozoneering. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Facebook has completed the first Ascenta/Aquila High Altitude Extreme Endurance Platform (HAEEP).

Watch the video HERE