Windhorse Aero

Based in the South West of England, Windhorse Aerospace Limited is developing UAVs made with food components to deliver life supporting payloads of food aid to natural disaster and conflict areas.

The airframe is called Pouncer™ and its aim is to address the instant need to deliver food aid into remote, difficult, damaged, and broken infrastructures by overflying the difficulties and placing life-sustaining nutrition exactly where it is needed.

The Pouncer™ is to have an airframe skin made from biodegradable starch-based thermoplastic, filled with spars of compressed and vacuum sealed foodstuffs. The fuselage is filled with the staple diet of those receiving supplies and carries water and fuel for cooking. It is to be produced in various weights to meet differing requirements.

Further the aircraft’s capability addresses the indigenous cultural food requirements head on and turns ‘cash aid’ directly into calories consumed, not unwanted or discarded waste”. “It also replaces the standard (HDR) humanitarian daily ration in acceptability and nutrition and advances the 2,200 Kcal offering by a long way.

Pouncer™ will be launched from either a tailgate aircraft at altitude or by a ground based catapult, the flight endurance of the air launched Pouncer™ will be up to 60 kms to a landing zone fixed by GPS. It will either fly to the ground or use a simple parachute deployed at low altitude to reach those cut off from any ground support. The majority of components have a nutritional or secondary practical value once delivered.

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